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SwParties.com is an online dating site where couples can meet other couples like them for entertainment, friendship and intimacy based on their photos, a small bio, and common interests.

The couples on the site come from different backgrounds, different countries and ages and have different experience in the field of couples exchange.

The site brings together serious and high-quality couples with a similar worldview, couples who consider the activity of exchanging couples a natural and fun couple activity. SwParties.com is a home for the Swingers community worldwide, so along with couples' dating options, the site has the opportunity to read interesting articles on that topic.

On the site you will get to know couples for exchanging couples, exchanging couples or whatever you usually call it. Of course, you can also make new friends and read about the rich world of the Swingers community in our articles.

Are you couples? Live the swingers community? Discussing if a pair exchange is right for you? You are invited to come in and be impressed, read and catch up on couples exchange parties around the world and more.

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