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Married and Swingers lifestyle, possible?

The effect of this lifestyle on marriage depends on the quality of marriage before joining. Stable and solid warm marriages will bring great pleasure and benefit, while shaky marriages, especially marriages that see this lifestyle as a solution to their problems, can speed up the process of marital breakdown.

Joint decision of a couple to join to that lifestyle eliminates the need for betrayal, and in fact fosters communication and honesty within an existing relationship (whether you are married or not).

The only purpose of adopting this lifestyle of being marriage and swingers is to diversify and enrich the sex life within the couple, to meet new friends and definitely not to look for another spouse or new love.

The key point for this kind of experience is that you have to come to a conscious decision that you reject the assumption that sex other than with my husband / wife is inappropriate.

You should feel that swinging supports and enriches your marital life and does not come to ruin them. In my experience, I can say that diversity, the realization of fantasies, the satisfaction of the sexual urge, the acceptance of individuality in each of the factors raise the libido, improve communication and consequently prevent cheating

Couples who manage this lifestyle over time report: (1) Getting closer, falling in love, especially right after a party meeting, in that "swinging" is a renewed proof of their relationship and love. (2) greater confidence and knowledge about sexual techniques. (3) Much more active social life. (4) Increased openness and sincerity in all areas of the relationship.

To some, sexual activity became more natural and normal, less dark and isolated. Other influences that this lifestyle has are an extension of the concept of "gender," which is acceptable behavior, with whom, when and how. The dedication, confidence, trust, and love that are associated with an exclusive relationship become linked to a non-exclusive relationship. Finally, sexual behavior and pleasure begin to be perceived as another normal aspect of human behavior, and cease to be something that is done in darkness and in closed rooms.

Academic research shows that swingers are more physically healthy, mentally vaccinated, and more stable, improved marriages compared to couples who have sex in conventional social settings.