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Married and Swingers, possible?

The effect of this lifestyle on marriage depends on the quality of marriage before joining. Stable and solid warm marriages will bring great pleasure

and benefit, while shaky marriages, especially marriages that see this lifestyle as a solution to their problems, can speed up the process of marital breakdown. Joint decision of a couple to join to that lifestyle eliminates the need for betrayal, and in fact fosters communication and honesty within an existing relationship (whether you are married or not). The only purpose of adopting this lifestyle of being marriage and swingers is to diversify and enrich the sex life within the couple ... Read more »

How to say no?

“My husband and I were participating in a swingers party. We found our self with a small group of couples that we met for the first time. Unfortunately, we didn’t like any of the participants. Suddenly a man approached me asking me to join him; I didn’t know how to behave, how to reject him without having him offended”

Sound familiar? Well, contrary to popular opinion, real swingers are not people who go to bed with anyone. Swingers, like everyone else, are attracted to some people and others are not. And anyway - there will never be a situation where a swingers couple will agree to exchange with another couple just because of some... Read more »

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Many couples in long relationships over time feel the need for diversity and refreshment in bed life. When the relationship is good, with a solid and solid foundation, the possibilities for diversity are many. The emphasis on the nature of the relationship is to distinguish between couples who seek the thrill outside the home and those who can try to find common solutions within the marriage framework. Couples are usually looking for excitement at first through the use of new sex toys, watching erotic movies together, etc. At a more advanced stage, if the thrill is still lacking, one can begin to think of bolder options such as bringing in more bed partners or exchanging couples... Read more »